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Enterprise Development Consultants (EDC) is a privately owned consultancy practice that specializes in Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) related investment incentives. The DTI and IDC have over a number of years formulated general and sector specific incentive packages, whereby new or expanding entities that are engaged in ‘qualifying activities’ are able to secure a range of cash or tax based incentives.

The management of EDC have collectively in excess of 40 years’ experience in managing DTI and IDC related incentive benefits on behalf of industry. The management team of the company is further fully engaged in the entire process from application preparation and submission through to the final claim submission and payment. This hands-on approach has seen the company achieve excellent results in not only our clients securing the relevant incentive benefits, but further, that the potential benefits are maximised.

It is our experience that many industrialists have foregone significant incentive benefits due to a lack of knowledge in respect of the various incentive programmes or simply not having the time or available resources to apply to this often complex and time consuming process.

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